Newborn photography tips for mom

Getting ready for your newborn shoot

Newborn photography

There are a few things mom’s need to know before the photographer arrives. These few tips will help mom and baby to feel more comfortable and ready for the few hours during the shoot.

1. It is best if the photoshoot can happen before baby isĀ 10 days old.

2. Mom, it will be great if you can switch a heater on in the room where the pictures will be taken. Little one does not like to be cold. When they are warm they will be calmer and will more likely fall asleep during the session, thats what we want to have those beautiful sleeping faces captured.

3. It is also great if you feed baby just before I arrive, tummy full = content baby = adorable photos.

4. Also try and keep them awake for 30minutes prior to the photo session. They will then also fall asleep easier when swaddled in the soft blankets.

5. And lastly, relax mommy. Then baby will also be relaxed. And also have some fun :)


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